Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that life should be made simple.
This mindset has influenced the foundation of our business and all of our services and processes.

In 1996 when Cornelia Baker founded Baker Realtime, she instinctively realized the need for a court reporting service that was not limited to a geographical location or a short list of services. She wanted to make a difference in the court reporting profession by focusing on customer service and quality results. Since then, Cornelia and Baker Realtime Worldwide have been providing first-class court reporting, legal video, video conferencing, and litigation support services locally, nationwide, and worldwide.


Based in Montgomery, Alabama, we offer the most efficient and professional court reporters, legal videographers, and litigation support in Alabama, nationwide, and abroad.  Experts in realtime, our Court Reporters and Legal Videographers are certified to NCRA standards and cover depositions, arbitrations, hearings, trials, and conferences. Our Certified Realtime Reporters specialize in mass torts, pharmaceutical, product liability, medical malpractice, construction, patent, securities, construction, employment, environmental, and employment law. We also offer translation services and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Services.

Baker Realtime Worldwide continually evolves and grows to meet the changing demands and requirements of the legal profession. Over the past 20 years, Cornelia has covered thousands of depositions in high-profile cases in 48 states, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada making her and BRTR experts in all facets of court reporting services, i.e., nationwide and worldwide scheduling of court reporters, legal videographers, translators, conference rooms, video conferencing, and streaming realtime and video to anywhere in the world via a web-based litigation event platform. The use of the latest tools and technologies in court reporting software, equipment, and techniques help streamline the transcription process, creating and preserving a precise record for trial presentations.

There is a difference in court reporting services, which will be evident when you meet our team. The distinction of service you will experience will only be heightened with every conversation and interaction, and solidified permanently with the delivery of your final product. Our team’s exceptional professionalism, expertise, accuracy and attention to detail provide an impeccable level of service and a thoroughly polished end result.

The Baker Team does make a difference. Our work ethic, attitude, attention to detail, and experience continue to set Baker Realtime apart. Hiring us is the start of a long-term relationship with people who care about helping you make your most compelling case.

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  • The Baker Difference

    “What separates Baker Realtime Reporting from the rest is the personal service. Cornelia is a pleasure to work with and is reachable day or night should an emergency arise. Scheduling and arranging depositions, even in connection with the most complex cases and regardless of location, is extremely easy.” Read More

  • Technology Tools

    From streaming depositions and text-to-video synchronization, we work with the latest court reporting software, equipment and techniques to help streamline the transcription process. We always strive to create and preserve a precise record for trial presentations. Learn More
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